Lizzo was genuinely caught off guard by the win

Lizzo was genuinely caught off guard by the win. “Thank you to The Academy, first of all,” she said in her acceptance speech while fighting back tears. “This is really &$@*ing sick, unexpected, really cool. This whole week, I be lost in my problems, stressed out. And then in an instant, all of that can go away, and your priorities really shift. And today, all of my little problems that I thought were big as the world were gone.”

I realized that there’s people hurting right now,” she continued. “You guys create beautiful music, you guys create connectivity. And as I’m speaking to all of y’all in this room, we need to continue to reach out. This is the beginning of making music that moves people again, making music that feels &$@*ing good, that liberates people.” 

She concluded on a high note by shouting out her musical collaborators, record labels (Atlantic Records/Nice Life) and friends. “Thank you so much for lifting me up. Let’s continue to reach out, hold each other down and lift each other up.”

Lizzo, who made her GRAMMY stage debut by opening the big show with a rousing, flute-heavy performance of her hits “Cuz I Love You” and the now-GRAMMY-winning “Truth Hurts,” received the most nominations at the 2020 GRAMMYs with a total of eight nods. At the time of publishing, she has won three GRAMMY Awards, including Best Traditional R&B Performance and Best Urban Contemporary Album

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