Brian Talma  is an Olympic windsurfer, who has dedicated his life to tirelessly promoting the sport in his beloved island home Barbados.  Talma has long been a key personality on the windsurfing circuit, working hard to help develop the sport of windsurfing internationally. In 1998 he was instrumental in bringing to life the Professional Windsurfing Association’s freestyle windsurfing tour and later single-handedly introduced the sport of stand-up paddle boarding to Barbados and the Caribbean in 2005.

He has travelled the world showcasing his distinctive brand of beach culture through the Beach Culture World Tour, which shows off the unique lifestyle and competitive spirit of the pro action water sport community.

Speaking to local media about the launch of the  Beach Culture World Championship event in Barbados two-time Olympian Brian Talma said:

“I have a vision to use water sports to revolutionise this island and one of the facets I have really pushed is community tourism. Surfers are the opinion leaders of tourism, we are adventurers and when we go to a place, tourists and others follow. What I sell is a lifestyle, which I call beach culture.”