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Another shooting.

When will it end? We as a nation will have to get up and do what is necessary to bring an end to the gun violence that is permeating this island. It is the responsibility of each and everyone of us to rid this country of the guns, the suppliers of guns and the gun toting scoundrels. We need to get this island back to some semblance of a peace and quiet. We will not live in fear of murderers and thugs. Where are all these guns coming from? AreRead More

Verla De Peiza: The AG must go!

The following was taken for The DLP’s Facebook page. June 15, 2019 Verla De Peiza President, Democratic Labour Party Barbados is today at murder number 29 for the first six months of this year and the Democratic Labour Party is once again asking for the removal of Attorney General Dale Marshall. He has failed this country. History will record him as the worst performing Attorney General Barbados has ever appointed to office. Some 14 murders ago Edmund Hinkson was made a sacrificial lamb to appease public concerns. That number hasRead More

Banning plastic: How Jamaica moved to save its environment

Jamaica had a history of having one of the highest per capita uses of plastic bags in the world, with the average national estimated to use around 500 bags each year. The problem of plastic waste has been evident in Jamaica for a prolonged period, and I believe it really just required someone to drive the process. Last month, Jamaica introduced a ban on single-use plastic bags, plastic straws and Styrofoam, in a bid to reduce the impact plastic is having on the environment. Before the ban, Jamaica was knownRead More

A Motoring Minute

AG; Corruption Culture Must Be Stamped Out

Attorney General Dale Marshall is adamant that Government will do all it can to stamp out corruption in this country. He expressed this sentiment during a recent courtesy call with British High Commissioner to Barbados, Janet Douglas. During the meeting, Mrs. Douglas disclosed that her office would soon release a publication entitled Toolkit: Investigation and Prosecution of Corruption, which she believes will be beneficial in this island’s fight against corruption. She noted that the information was written in an applicable way, and this would be ideal in assisting law enforcementRead More

Facebook bandits to appear in court

Trinidad: THREE La Romaine teenagers are expected to appear before a San Fernando magistrate tomorrow for luring people through online car advertisements using fake profiles and robbing them. The men, two 18-year-olds and the other, 19, were expected to be charged last night with several offences arising out of the robberies. Members of the San Fernando and Mon Repos CIDs, among them Cpls Nanan and Bacchus, arrested the men on Thursday during the “Operation Strike Back” exercise. Southern division police received about ten reports within one week from people whoRead More

BRA office shuts out customer before 3:30. Claiming they had a hard day

On Monday 30th The BRA office, located in The Pine, refused entry to a customer despite the fact that he had arrived before their stipulated 3:30 deadline. The gentleman pleaded with one of the security officers, explaining that he had visited several departments during that day and would be inconvenienced if he was not allow entry. The officer while confirming that he did encounter him during the day, said that he was acting under instructions not to allow entry to anyone. He asked to speak to a supervisor. One cameRead More

Puff of Colour not moving

Spokesman for the organisers of Puff of Colour Wayne Simmons offered an apology to The Coral Ridge Group and the affected families with loved ones interred in Coral Ridge Cemetery, but he was adamant that they would not be changing the venue for the popular event. While condemning the reckless behavior that occurred, Simmons said the organisers provided adequate security including the services of the Royal Barbados Police Force and private security officers. Simmons assured that the event was incident free and the questionable behaviors occurred after the patrons hadRead More

How Britain turned its back on West Indies great Collis King

England was the scene of Collis King’s greatest moment as a cricketer and, for 44 years, the country he has called home, along with his native Barbados. But King, who helped the West Indies to one of their most famous triumphs – the 1979 World Cup victory at Lord’s – now feels his adopted country is treating him like a “criminal” after being effectively deported on a technicality surrounding a visa application. King is currently stuck in Barbados, separated from his British wife and unable to return to England toRead More


It has to stop! This is Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley’s clear message about the lawless behaviour and gun violence in society. Ms. Mottley made her thoughts known on Sunday evening when she sat down with veteran journalist David Ellis for a wide-ranging 90-miniute interview. According to her, there is a conversation that she, Minister of Youth and Community Empowerment, Adrian Forde, and the Minister of Home Affairs, Edmund Hinkson, must have with the country. “In order for us to do that [stop gun violence], we have to put inRead More