Policemen breaking COVID curfew with weekend parties

While many individuals and businesses are coming under heavy manners for breaching the COVID protocols, some individuals seem to be untouchable and continue to breach the related laws with impunity. We at The Pulse are receiving reports that a policeman in a certain Christ Church area has been entertaining, sometimes over 20  people a night. At times the action extended into the wee hours of the morning, ignoring  the curfew deadline.

One informant told us that what makes it even more disturbing, is the fact that some of the residence have repeatedly made reports, by way of phone calls, to the police station. The only result they got was the officer bragging that they called the police on the police.

In the meantime, it is alleged that vans full of police officers, in uniform, continue to drop in and partake in the action

It is interesting that the rich, the famous and not so famous were brought before the courts for breaching the protocols.  Even a former Miss Great Britain did not escape the long arm of the law.

After being told to isolate after her arrival. She was instructed to remain at the Sugar Bay Hotel in Hastings until the results of her test were known. Before the results came back she broke protocol by leaving the hotel and trying to leave the island. She was arrested at The Grantley Adams International Airport.

Amenauth Sarendranauth, owner of Caribbean Heat, appeared before a magistrate and pleaded guilty to breaching COVID-19 protocols.  He was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison – Dodds pending sentencing. According to reports, he was hospitalized three days after being remanded.

He died on March 23 at the Q.E.H. Using those two cases as example, we would easily concluded that the laws related to the COVID protocols were being applied without fear or favour.

What are we now supposed to think when we hear of  infractions being committed by an officer of the law, aided and abetted by several of his colleagues.

If these allegations are indeed true, we need to know why this officer is allowed to flout the law for such a long time.