Cancer of corruption

Archbishop: It’s causing serious problems for T&T

Trinidad – ROMAN CATHOLIC Archbishop Jason Gordon yesterday lamented a country plagued by “corruption” and “disrespect”, calling Trinidad and Tobago a place where “it is difficult to keep your soul intact”.

Speaking at Sunday’s Holy Mass at the Living Water Community Chapel on Frederick Street, Port of Spain, Gordon raised an alarm at the state of T&T and said: “We have stopped seeing it.

“Our country has become so corrupt, it is hard for business people to live straight without sinning their souls in corruption, to keep their businesses alive. And that’s a terrible thing.”

The Mass was broadcast live on the Archdiocese’s Facebook page and was attended by church members according to the Covid-19 public health regulations.

The Archbishop went on to say: “We have become so disrespectful to each other, that it is difficult to keep your souls intact when you hear the levels of utter disrespect, to people and to yourself and to other people…when you hear the levels of disrespect people are willing to go to, I find it alarming…alarming.”

Gordon added: “It is as if we have stopped seeing both the corruption and the disrespect. It’s a cancer. It’s causing serious problems to us as a people.”

However, the Archbishop said “Jesus is saying, even in the midst of a culture like ours where the corruption and disrespect are so real…take your disrespect”.

“And bless them and make the right decision and trust God will make it right for you,” Gordon said, adding:

“We have to have faith in this society we are living in right now.”

No exclusivity

The Archbishop’s Sunday ministry spoke to settling on guiding principles and he asked followers to recall that “the whole people of God have been called to holiness”.

He recalled the story of John the Baptist, who had stopped a man from casting out demons in Jesus’ name.

When told of it, Jesus told John that he should not stop anyone from performing miracles in his name.

Gordon said there were some who felt those who did not meet certain criteria, such as social standing, were not in place to perform good works. He noted that Moses had also promoted participation in community leadership and said, “Have you ever heard of people complaining about people doing good?”

He said Moses believed it was the intention of the Lord that the Spirit be “given to everyone”. He said some people’s religion were pursuits in ensuring the eco-health and safety of the planet but did not have a relationship with God or religion.

Saying he found such people remarkable, as they sometimes stood up to evil to protect the environment at great cost to themselves, Gordon said no one should think such people don’t have a right to stand up to evil.

He said many people had spent time to raise their children Catholic only to then spend money for them to become atheists, as their faith evaporates in the first year of university.

This was the cause of “scandal” and “stumbling”, he said.

Gordon added: “One of the things this generation has lost, significantly, is the value of integrity.”

He said God had been made into a “nice friend” always willing to forgive and people had lost the value of God.

Warning that every life has a judgment, Gordon advised people to “begin with the end in mind”.

He said his “end” was to ultimately get to Heaven and if people were to start with that end in mind, there were many things they would not do or take part in during their lives.