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Thursday, June 20th, 2019


Coast Guard Kidnapped and Abused Jamaican Fishermen for a Month, Then Dumped Them in Miami, ACLU Says

Four fishermen say the Coast Guard trapped them at sea for a month. They are from Jamaica but were fishing near the Haitian coast when they say American forces destroyed their vessel and trapped them on an uncovered boat deck for a month. Their wounds festered. Their teeth rotted. Their skin blistered in the sun. They begged to contact their loved ones and tell them they were OK. They sailed straight through Hurricane Maria. Some say they contemplated jumping overboard and killing themselves. The Coast Guard had initially suspected themRead More

U.S. Coast Guard Officers Destroy Giant Bahamian Pot Farm After Claiming They Smelled Weed “From the Air”

In a case that illustrates America’s bizarre and quasi-colonial relationship with the Bahamas, the U.S. Coast Guard announced today that, while its officers were just buzzing around in Bahamian airspace over Andros Island, about 154 miles from Miami, they “smelled” marijuana. It turns out they were flying over a sprawling marijuana farm. So they burned down the farm, even though it sits in a different country. “On Wednesday Feb. 6, 2019, a Coast Guard forward deployed MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Operation Bahamas, Turks & Caicos (OPBAT) recognized what appearedRead More