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Another shooting.

When will it end? We as a nation will have to get up and do what is necessary to bring an end to the gun violence that is permeating this island. It is the responsibility of each and everyone of us to rid this country of the guns, the suppliers of guns and the gun toting scoundrels. We need to get this island back to some semblance of a peace and quiet.
We will not live in fear of murderers and thugs.
Where are all these guns coming from? Are they being supplied by a few well connected people? Are they coming in as a result of the drug trade? We need to know.

We have all heard the innuendoes about the privileged and the connected being involved in the importation of guns. If that is so, are these people untouchable? Can the powers to arrest only apply to those with splifts or five bags… victimless crimes.

As it is now, years pass before those charged with firearm offences face trial.
Some offenders are on bail for murder and other serious offences. While on bail they have the opportunity to settle scores and intimidate witnesses.
The bail act clearly outlines the conditions under which bail can be granted.
Those who are charged are within their rights to seek bail as they are sometimes incarnated for extended periods of time before trial. While it can be argued that all are innocent until proven guilty, justice delayed is justice denied. Let us do more to expedite the process. The surviving victims or the family of the deceased deserve closure.

We continue to incarcerate people for petty crimes. Insulting of an officer, theft of items of little or no value, loitering and other victimless crimes. We make criminals out of youngster who if given a chance could go on to make a meaningful contribution to society. Sending them to Dodds, where they will be schooled in the way of the hardened criminals, is not always the answer. We only concentrate on punishment, but do little or nothing to give them a second change. With a soiled record they are unable to find employment. Sometimes a second chance is all that is needed.

The crime situation is not a political problem, it is a societal problem and the solution will not come from a political platform in Roebuck Street or George Street.
Let us ignore their drivel.

By now we should be expecting more definitive statements from the Police.
They have arrested a few suspects. We need to be made aware if these are executions related to the drug trade or gang warfare. A better informed public will be able to observe and supply the police with additional information. This could lead to more arrest and in some cases prevention.
We are approaching the point off no return. There is an urgent need to wrestle this monster to the ground. The next victim could be one of us or a family member.

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