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Verla De Peiza: The AG must go!

The following was taken for The DLP’s Facebook page.
June 15, 2019
Verla De Peiza
President, Democratic Labour Party

Barbados is today at murder number 29 for the first six months of this year and the Democratic Labour Party is once again asking for the removal of Attorney General Dale Marshall. He has failed this country. History will record him as the worst performing Attorney General Barbados has ever appointed to office. Some 14 murders ago Edmund Hinkson was made a sacrificial lamb to appease public concerns. That number has now more than doubled.

While the Barbados Labour Party was in Opposition they treated crime like a political football whilst giving the former Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite “…a failing grade…” in 2017 following a most egregious act on Kadooment Day. He termed it “our greatest crisis in terms of crime and violence on our streets and crimes of a particularly heinous nature”. There were 19 homicides up until the Spring Garden crime.

Dale Marshall is now the AG of Barbados. On his watch, there have now been 43 murders: 14 last year and 29 so far this year. He has brought back a former commissioner of police whose cloud remains, as a consultant, and touted him as having the answers to “…wrest this problem to the ground…” The gun amnesty has been a complete failure and soldiers on the streets will not work. The DLP now begs the
PM to relieve the AG of his duties and to terminate the contract of Mr Darwin Dottin.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley and her Cabinet have treated the matter of crime in typical BLP fashion: As a platform for catch phrases like ‘not bout hey’ and public relationsopportunities in walking through districts. They have also used the crime problem as another avenue for the creation of consultancies for family and friends. Our country requires more than that!”
The DLP sees the need for an urgent multi-disciplinary task force to tackle the causes and sources of crime, as a complement to the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) and the Barbados Defence Force (BDF), which essentially treat symptoms but not the causes.

The country has individuals with the skills
and competencies to dig deep into the causal elements. Their only crime may be that they are not standard bearers of the BLP.

It is time to stop playing crime like a political football in our approach and in our personnel
appointments. Our children are dying daily, citizens continue to fear for their lives and increasingly we are sensing a desensitizing of many. It is time that people are placed at the centre of the search for solutions to what is obviously a social dilemma.

For his failure to acknowledge and address this, the AG must go!

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