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June, 2019


10 dead in Dallas-area plane crash

DALLAS — A town official says 10 people were killed when a small, twin-engine plane crashed into a hangar during takeoff at a Dallas-area airport. Addison, Texas, spokeswoman Mary Rosenbleeth says no one survived the Sunday morning crash at the Addison Municipal Airport. The Federal Aviation Administration says a Beechcraft BE-350 King Air was destroyed in the fiery crash after it struck an unoccupied hangar soon after 9 a.m. Rosenbleeth says the Dallas County medical examiners office confirmed the deaths. An official with the medical examiner’s office told The AssociatedRead More

Crime Chief sent on leave to facilitate probe

Guyana: Deputy Commissioner of Police, Lyndon Alves has been sent on leave to pave the way for an investigation, but acting Deputy Police Commissioner Nigel Hoppie declined to say whether the move had anything to with swirling allegations in Berbice. “Mr. Lyndon Alves has been sent on leave to facilitate an investigation,” he told Demerara Waves Online News. Hoppie could not say how long Alves would be off the job. Deputy Commissioner Hoppie said no other officer has been sent on leave. Alves, being a Deputy Police Commissioner, is notRead More

Jamaican says he robbed jewel stores to get back his $m gold

Trinidad: A JAMAICAN national who went mining for gold in Guyana and then came to this country to sell it to jewellery stores in Port of Spain, only to later break into the business places and steal the jewellery claiming he was underpaid for his “hard work” has been sentenced to four years’ imprisonment. But he will only serve just a few more months behind bars before being released since he has already been in prison for more than three years. The sentence was imposed on 35-year-old Peter Young, aRead More

Teen invited to job interview, raped

Trinidad: Arima police are investigating a report where a 19-year-old said she was raped. The teenager told police that at about 4.30p.m. on Tuesday, she received a call from a prospective employer from a business in Arima. She said the man asked to meet, for an interview at the business place. However, during further conversations, the victim agreed to go with the suspect to a location along River Ranch Road, Arima. At this location, the victim said the two had alcoholic beverages, and a short while later she passed out.Read More

Coast Guard Kidnapped and Abused Jamaican Fishermen for a Month, Then Dumped Them in Miami, ACLU Says

Four fishermen say the Coast Guard trapped them at sea for a month. They are from Jamaica but were fishing near the Haitian coast when they say American forces destroyed their vessel and trapped them on an uncovered boat deck for a month. Their wounds festered. Their teeth rotted. Their skin blistered in the sun. They begged to contact their loved ones and tell them they were OK. They sailed straight through Hurricane Maria. Some say they contemplated jumping overboard and killing themselves. The Coast Guard had initially suspected themRead More

U.S. Coast Guard Officers Destroy Giant Bahamian Pot Farm After Claiming They Smelled Weed “From the Air”

In a case that illustrates America’s bizarre and quasi-colonial relationship with the Bahamas, the U.S. Coast Guard announced today that, while its officers were just buzzing around in Bahamian airspace over Andros Island, about 154 miles from Miami, they “smelled” marijuana. It turns out they were flying over a sprawling marijuana farm. So they burned down the farm, even though it sits in a different country. “On Wednesday Feb. 6, 2019, a Coast Guard forward deployed MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Operation Bahamas, Turks & Caicos (OPBAT) recognized what appearedRead More

Another shooting.

When will it end? We as a nation will have to get up and do what is necessary to bring an end to the gun violence that is permeating this island. It is the responsibility of each and everyone of us to rid this country of the guns, the suppliers of guns and the gun toting scoundrels. We need to get this island back to some semblance of a peace and quiet. We will not live in fear of murderers and thugs. Where are all these guns coming from? AreRead More

Verla De Peiza: The AG must go!

The following was taken for The DLP’s Facebook page. June 15, 2019 Verla De Peiza President, Democratic Labour Party Barbados is today at murder number 29 for the first six months of this year and the Democratic Labour Party is once again asking for the removal of Attorney General Dale Marshall. He has failed this country. History will record him as the worst performing Attorney General Barbados has ever appointed to office. Some 14 murders ago Edmund Hinkson was made a sacrificial lamb to appease public concerns. That number hasRead More