Guyana: With the objective to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of public transportation in Guyana, the Ministry of Business, the Guyana Police Force, Guyana National Road Safety Council and the United Minibus Union, on Thursday, launched a code of conduct for minibus operators and other personnel.
President of the United Minibus Union, Eon Andrews, had announced that the code will address issues of consumer concern.
“The issues that we are addressing in the code of conduct deals with consumer affairs, so it will be supported by the Consumers Act and there some other concerns, which can be dealt with by the police. So, these operators can be charged and prosecuted based on the breaches they commit.”
“At present, some drivers have already begun wearing their uniforms. We are only in the testing stages.”
The Ministry of Business had released an infomercial outlining the operating guidelines in moving to implement a Code of Conduct for minibus operators.
The Ministry, in an information video posted on its Facebook page, highlighted several guidelines that minibus operators and other associated personnel must abide by, before noting that the full document would be published on its website at a later date.
Among those mentioned in the Ministry’s Public Service announcement were the prohibition of loud and offensive music, proper display of fare structure in the minibus, and prohibition of offensive language. Overloading, speeding, loud and vulgar music and harassment of any form is also prohibited.
These issues had seen an increase in outcries for a code of conduct by which these operators ought to conform.
Addressing those gathered for the official launch, Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin said it is necessary as a government to facilitate a collaborative approach with the aim to tidy up the transportation sector.
“Deep down inside, we all know the minibus sector has not been performing optimally. Hence, the drafting, the signing, publishing and the dissemination of the code of conduct is only the first step in a very long process, the process of reforming a sector,” Minister Gaskin said.
Traffic Chief, Lyndon Alves, said the initiative is a step in the right direction and highlighted the fact through the implementation of the code of conduct; persons who will be entering the sector for the first time will receive the necessary training from the Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department.
“There is a section in the Code of Conduct that allows for training. The Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department will train those persons involved in operating minibuses, especially those persons who will be entering for the first time into the field.”