Communications Minister, Stuart Young has appealed to citizens to ignore calls for members of the public to block roads in protest against the Government on Monday.

In a statement, Young said this type of behaviour is irresponsible and unpatriotic and designed to negatively affect law abiding citizens.

He stated, “The Government has observed a concerted call on social media by members of the Opposition, and other persons, for members of the public to block roads and intersection, including major roads and intersections, tomorrow morning.”

Young said citizens should not fall prey to requests to engage in this type of “destructive behaviour”.

He said, “The source of the call to create disruptive events is hereby highlighted so that should any persons decide to break the laws of Trinidad and Tobago as they are being called to do, civic minded citizens will know in advance who has set about to disrupt our twin island state.”

A call has been made for citizens fed up of poor governance to engage in protest action on Monday.

A message being shared on social media stated that citizens should park their vehicles at strategic locations along the highway and major roadways across the country from 6a.m.