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BRA office shuts out customer before 3:30. Claiming they had a hard day

On Monday 30th The BRA office, located in The Pine, refused entry to a customer despite the fact that he had arrived before their stipulated 3:30 deadline. The gentleman pleaded with one of the security officers, explaining that he had visited several departments during that day and would be inconvenienced if he was not allow entry. The officer while confirming that he did encounter him during the day, said that he was acting under instructions not to allow entry to anyone.
He asked to speak to a supervisor. One came and told him that they had a very busy day and they were not “letting in” anyone else.
Can we continue to preach productively when so many hours are lost doing business with government departments.
Are government workers a law unto themselves?
It is about time that we take a stand and demand proper services from both private and government sectors.

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